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Veneered Winglet Covering List

These kind of covering is wrapped in different veneers. Available in a flat or carved shape. The dimensions available are: 80x10 mm - winglet 28 mm (art.800 winglet), 65x10 mm - winglet 23 mm (art. 650 winglet 23),65x10 mm - winglet 28 mm (art. 650 winglet 28), 60x22 mm (art. 157), 70x19 mm (art. 70 round shape) , 80x28 mm (art. 80 round shape - only on Request).

Effect available: bright, matt or unpainted or lacquered. Download technical sheet
Reg. Imprese MB n° 08014960150 - R.E.A. 1868620 - PRIVACY